Divisive Identities in Post-Colonial Sri Lanka

Western imports such as the nation state, representative democracies and the idea of sovereignty played a huge role in perpetuating divisive identities in post-independence Sri Lanka. By ascertaining the role of colonialism in Sri Lanka’s ethnic conflict, this paper emphasizes the need to decolonize the region and builds a case for further research exploring non-western solutions to the ethnic divide.

Religion vs. Secularism: Unraveling False Dichotomies Using a Gendered Perspective

The religion vs. secularism debate over social justice and equality in India creates divisive identities and strategically obscures the overarching problem of patriarchy that privileges Brahmin men over all others. By critically examining reforms to Religious Personal Laws in India, and the mechanisms that enable it, this paper aims to understand the nexus between patriarchy, religion and the state.