Promo Video: Chiron Adventures

Made a short promo clip in 2018 for a Travel & Adventure company called Chiron Adventures. Although the final clip was never used, I had a great time working with this incredible footage.

Footage: Property of Arvin Singh Dang

Documentary: Marine Marvels

A documentary about India’s marine ecology, pollution, and climate change.

Short Film: Delirium

Dedicated to all those who live with mental illnesses like schizophrenia. Made in 2015, this was one of my first short films which went on to win the best film award at tGELF Harmony: Reel to Real film making competition.

Script: Vrinda Venu

Explainer: What is Privilege

This video attempts to simplify the concept of privilege and explain it using attractive animated illustrations

Voiceover credits: Aditi Revankar
Background Music:
Softwares Used: Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro

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